Public Understanding of Technology

Digital technology in all of its forms, from personal devices to complex systems, is now embedded in human life. The experiences, and epistemological implications, of being “digital natives”and “digital immigrants” are reshaping personal relationships and societal structures.  These developments also require special attention to their impact on mental and physical health, to how people work and play, and to an expanding understanding of health and wellness. CDE scholars including Cal Newport, Will Fleisher, and Meg Leta Jones are leaders in this important and wide-reaching field of study and practice; their work is featured prominently both in academic venues and in mainstream and popular media.

Key Faculty

Cal Newport, Intersections of Technology and Culture

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Will Fleisher, Ethics and Epistemology of Artificial Intelligence

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Meg Leta Jones, Digital Oblivion, Digital Consent

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Featured Scholarship

Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism, A World without Email

Will Fleisher, “Understanding, Idealization, and Explainable AI.” Episteme 19(4): 534–560. 2022

Meg Leta Jones, Ctrl + Z: The Right to be Forgotten

Featured Courses

PHIL-8117-01 Epistemology of AI/Internet Fall 2023, Prof. Fleisher