Technology Governance

As technology facilitates the expansion of social, economic, and political horizons, boundless opportunity must be tempered with thoughtful and humane constraint, guided by the values and principles that sustain democracy and human rights. CDE scholars including Laura DeNardis, Julie Cohen, Meg Leta Jones, and Anupam Chander study the history of technology governance and reimagine it for the new digital frontier. They help students, colleagues, policymakers, and the public to confront the unprecedented choices and challenges created by technological practice and  innovation. In this endeavor, they raise profound philosophical questions, analyze critical political and social repercussions, and create intellectual and practical pathways to a future that can meet the enormous promise–and shoulder the tremendous responsibility–engendered by human technological progress.

Key Faculty:

Laura DeNardis, Internet Governance

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Julie Cohen, Surveillance, Privacy and Data Protection, Intellectual Property

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Meg Leta Jones, Research Rules and Technological Change, Digital Oblivion, Digital Consent

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Anupam Chander, Global Regulation of New Technologies

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Featured Scholarship:

Laura DeNardis, The Global War for Internet Governance; Interim Report on Blockchain Governance Practices, (contributor, as part of a multi-stakeholder advisory council)

Julie Cohen, Between Truth and Power and Configuring the Networked Self

Meg Leta Jones, Ctrl + Z: The Right to be Forgotten

Anupam Chander, The Electronic Silk Road: How the Web Binds the World in Commerce

Featured Courses: 

Global Cyber Policy, Professor Laura DeNardis