Research Programs

Technology for the Common Good

CDE Faculty bring extensive academic, policy, and field expertise to critical areas of research that are foundational for the field of digital ethics. Policymakers, researchers, students, and the public can harness this expertise as they work to ensure that technology is used for the advancement of the common good in local, regional, national, and international communities.

The Center for Digital Ethics focuses on four research areas:


Cybersecurity is a great human rights issue of our time, necessary for protecting human rights, democracy, national security and the digital economy.

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AI is a potentially transformative technology. The use of AI carries immense potential to improve people’s lives, but also threatens to undermine justice and democracy in our society.

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As technology facilitates the expansion of social, economic, and political horizons, boundless opportunity must be tempered with thoughtful and humane constraint, guided by the values and principles that sustain democracy and human rights.

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The experiences, and epistemological implications, of being “digital natives”and “digital immigrants” are reshaping personal relationships and societal structures. These developments also require special attention to their impact on mental and physical health.

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