Chander shares research data on use of TikTok by members of Congress

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CDE Affiliate faculty member Anupam Chander writes in Tech Policy Press that perhaps contrary to expectation, fewer than one out of every ten members of Congress uses a TikTok account for posting content.

Chander and co-authors Donara Aghajani, a second-year law student at Georgetown Law, and Alyanna Apacible (Georgetown Law, LLM ’23), a privacy and technology lawyer currently working at an international non-profit, offer their data as a “snapshot of lawmaker engagement” with the popular but controversial app. In light of competing pressures either to use the app as a powerful campaign tool or to refrain from using the app out of “concerns that the app is a vector for foreign propaganda, surveillance, or both,” the authors expect their data to provide a useful “benchmark” for tracking politicans’ use of the app going forward.